I let a restaurant proper.
That is our mission.
We heard the maintenance of the sushi conveyer machine made by Japanese Crescent, plate washing machine mainly. The sale of equipment, the cleaner started, too. Please feel free to contact us.
Loop system
From Kanazawa to the whole country
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From opening to after follow,

I will cope with each places of the whole country!

I help the customer letting conveyor belt sushi open. In the north, Hokkaido, the south support the order from each places of the whole country to Okinawa. In addition, leave it to me in peace as the order for correspondence or equipment of various troubles after the delivery of goods will support.

From a design to delivery of goods, it supports the company which is all quick for relief!

I perform all all work from the design of the product to area, the design of the store to production, setting, delivery of goods in us and am proud of wide anti-stress.

I prepare for thing, all about store of conveyor belt sushi!

For a customer letting conveyor belt sushi open, I cope with the order from each places of the whole country. Sushi bars of the whole country, leave it to me!

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Product introduction

I link and manage various cash register makers and touch panel from an order to an adjustment collectively, and a smooth product offer is possible.

For an order order, the disposal rate falls markedly.

I take an order for various equipment as well as a sushi plate and a plate cap, the conveyer including the teacup.

I will offer selected interior to the original to one one of the decoration in the shop.

Detergency improves with a detergent for exclusive use of automatic plate washing machine LSW900! I can expect the saving water, too.

I develop an exclusive detergent to wash effectively. The dirt of the fish oil is a helper position of the plate washing machine clearly, too.

I establish the standard of a product and the system in conjunction with public sanitation, the environment and carry out an examination.

Sheet metal processing

As for the sheet metal processing

Leave it to me in a loop system.



The loop system makes use of a technique of the belt conveyor production of the conveyor belt sushi and heard the sheet metal processing. From a sheet to a plate, it is coped until a mass production by one. The estimate will reply it in a minimum period of two hours. Please consult with a loop system about the low-priced sheet metal processing high quality, a short deadline.

Under free estimate acceptance

Employment information

I send convenience by technology.
"Saved" of the customer is encouragement above all.

List of types of job

That which both the delight and the suffering can share is a family. Each other is stimulated simply because there is a friend, and something new is born. It may be you who just visited here that make something a form. I sincerely expect that I step forward to the first step to tomorrow with us.
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