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Automatic serving meals system

A.C.S (automatic serving meals) system introduction merit

  1. For an order order, a disposal rate falls markedly.
  2. The order can reduce personnel expenses by using "touch panel".
  3. An artificial mistake disappears by letting a cash register link touch panel and can perform accounts smoothly.
  4. I prevent collecting to shiya of the order, tray mistake of the order and prevent loss.
  5. The data management such as marketable goods products is possible by linking touch panel.
  6. As well as a conventional sushi plate, I can use trays.
  7. It is not necessary to link, and to fix a table and a dish, a tray by inputting table No when I provide it. I can prevent that I lack only a case and a dish and the tray of the seat at a table to show well which there were mass orders at one table and can cope variously at a peak hour.

A.C.S summary

An order product is provided directly to the table of the customer.
The customer can eat relaxedly without minding the arrival of the order product.
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